Communication is oxygen, they say…

…And I could not agree more. So what is the role of us leads?Can we help our team with communication?Spoiler: of course we do, and it is one of our responsibilities.So how do we do it? Here are some ideas. Build and Share Your Manifesto Leads should be the first to communicate clearly and loud: […]

I Am Not the Rockstar

In my previous post, I described Team Leads as bass guitar players.Anyone who is familiar with music knows that rhythm and melody go hand-in-hand. With many genres from funk to hard rock, bass guitars place themselves right in between those two, boosting the overall experience.This also means that, by its nature, that low-pitch bass sound is […]

Help your team grow – and you will grow with them

I love leading a team to success and helping individual team members attain their successes, which may come in many different professional and personal forms. What’s in it for the lead? Making other people shine does not mean leads are not going to get anything out of it.They may not be the rock stars on the […]
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